Co-Mingled Recycling
with American Disposal Systems of Frederick, Maryland

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We here at American Disposal Systems are very excited about our co-mingled recycling pickup program. It helps reduce our carbon footprint while extending the life cycle of current landfills. Plus, co-mingled recycling is a great way to show your customers and your employees that you care about the future of our planet. And in many cases it can actually save you money over just throwing everything into the landfill.

ADS in Maryland can help your office or apartment complex implement a robust recycling pickup program with both service and equipment.

For public and retail areas where contamination is always a concern, we like to help reduce that contamination. Service levels can range from 95 gallon recycle carts to 8 cubic yard dumpsters.

The good news again is that this is a very affordable service and in many cases can actually save our clients money!

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