Yard Waste Recycling with American Disposal Systems in Maryland

*Yard Waste currently not available in Carroll County.

Recycling Pickup for your Yard Waste in Frederick County, Maryland

Call for Yard Waste Recycling and Pickup in MD

We here at American Disposal Systems are proud to offer weekly yard waste recycling pickup in most of our service areas in Maryland during the warm seasons. We also offer one-time or on-call yard waste pickup. For schedules, service area and pricing, please call us at 301-695-0080.

Yard Waste Recycling Pickup from ADS Trash:

Grass clippings, leaves and loose yard debris must be placed in paper bags for yard waste recycling pickup. Please do not close bags with duct tape or plastic tape or staples as the whole bag is placed into the compost pile.

Branches must be bundled in manageable bunches. Bundles should not exceed 18 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length. Please use binder twine or cotton string since the whole bundle is placed into the compost pile. Nylon rope or string will not decompose.

For a detailed list of what is acceptable yard waste material for the county’s compost site, please click on the following link to Frederick County, Maryland.

Thank you for considering American Disposal Systems for your yard waste pickup needs!

Yard Waste Pickup Fees:

Yard Waste Recycling Pickup on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

$5 for 1-5 Bags, 50¢ per each additional bag

To enroll in our Yard Waste Recycling pickup program, you MUST fill out the form below or call the office (301-695-0080) so we can add you to our list. If you are not on our list, we will not come by your house, so please let us know.

You must sign up every time you wish to have a pickup. We remake our list before every trip.

Thank you!

Sign up for Yard Waste Recycling in Maryland: Pickup: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from April thru November!

Reminder: The form below must be submitted by 3pm the Monday before pickup.
*Yard Waste currently not available in Carroll County.

Christmas Tree pickups are:

  • Friday January 15, 2021
  • Friday January 29, 2021
  • Friday February 12, 2021

Reminder: Trees are shredded and composted, all decorations need to be removed from tree in order for us to pick up. Please remove any ornaments, tinsel or plastic bags before scheduled pick up date. If there is any debris left on the tree, we will leave it and you will still be charged.

Yard Waste/Christmas Tree Recycling
Address *

* Unless you cancel 48 hours before scheduled pickup, you will be charged even if there is no yard waste seen.

Christmas Tree Pick-up
Please check the box if you are scheduling a Christmas tree pick-up. Pick-up dates will be January 15th, 29th, and February 12th, weather permitting. By checking the box, you acknowledge the tree is free of debris and accept the $10 charge (per tree). *We currently do not offer Christmas Tree pick-ups for Caroll County.